Finance Consulting

Finance and funding solutions for small and medium enterprises.

Noakalesse Finance Consulting Services is a division of Noakalesse Business Solutions Pty limited which focuses on finance and funding solutions for small and medium enterprises.  The division provides business planning, business case evaluations, project finance and structured finance advisory services to position enterprises strategically to be able to access funding.   The division further liaises with funding agencies and institutions to grasp their criteria so that our clients can present funding applications, bids and proposal that meet specific requirements. 

South Africa has a huge shortfall in financing with many businesses that are seeking for finance unable to access credit due to a lot of hurdles that are in the market.    Noakalesse Finance Consulting Services is working to play an indelible role in bridging the gap between finance and relevant funding stakeholders to meet both the funding objectives of business and the funders.  and working to improve the perception about the African credit finance environment.  Our work is focused on assisting enterprises to grasp the criterions set by various funders while working with such funders to better interpret their requirements to businesses in order to present quality funding proposal and viable business propositions. 

Through its understanding of the culture and operating environment of business in South Africa, Noakalesse finance consulting superior in risk analysis and assessment, and the finance advisory thereof, thus able to assess the feasibility and viability of operations that are bidding for funding. This places us as a gateway between the funder and the entrepreneur/enterprise.

Through our Accounting and advisory core through Noakalesse Business Solutions, the firm has a foothold business in various sectors that are seeking funding and thus we are able to provide the most appropriate case for funding institutions of those businesses that qualify for various funding regimes that might available.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to create an effective channel through which business enterprises can be empowered and facilitated to access funding for their business.  Our commitment is driven by our appreciation of the impact of funding on business growth and the consequential impact on economic growth, job creation and sustainable business.  


Noakalesse Finance Consulting Divisional mission is to bridge the gap between funders and business enterprise to ensure that finance and implementation is not the issue but business viability.  That is why the entity is focused on matching finance with relevant viable business opportunities.     


We are aware of the need for reliable robust business, finance and entrepreneur risk analysis and assessment to ensure that funding is prioritised to those opportunities that not simply meet the basic funding criteria but are fundamentally viable business opportunities. Leveraging our core competence in accounting and tax, we are best positioned to undertake this analysis to evaluate business and entrepreneur opportunities

Our Value proposition.

In summary our function is to provide a turkey advisory service and solution to funding needs of business based on criterions of various finance institutions. Our unique capability is in connecting relevant enterprises and projects with the right finance solutions.

Finance and Implementation has been a historical challenge that we are determined to reverse through our strategic approaches to business finance and advisory to efficiently assist enterprises through our expertise in risk analysis and assessment to best position the implementing enterprise.   

Our People

Noakalesse Finance Consulting Services is equipped with an extensive portfolio of skills and experiences in various industry sector built on our core competence in accounting and tax.  Our team of experts pose extensive knowledge in investment and business finance, retail credit, public expenditure management, debt structuring, project management, engineering and experience spanning various disciplines.

Our robust analytical tools and models ensure that we are able to apply our capabilities in developing comprehensive solutions that meet the objectives of both enterprise and funders.   

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